Strict procedures and state-of-the-art equipment offer evidence of Abatement Pro's commitment to safety.
For example:
Areas where a hazardous material is to be removed are isolated with airtight barriers. Negative air equipment is set up to prevent leakage of contaminated air. High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) filters clean and re-circulate air in the work area at least once every fifteen minutes.
Workers in the affected area wear disposable clothing and state-of-the-art respiratory protection. They discard these uniforms and shower each time they leave a work area to prevent the migration of the asbestos fiber to the outside of the containment.
A decontamination unit is set up at the entrance to the work area. It includes a clean room, shower room and room for dirty equipment, all properly monitored. This is the only way into or out of the work area.
During the final clean up phase, all exposed surfaces are fully wet wiped and/or thoroughly cleaned with a HEPA vacuum system.
Contaminated waste is taken to an EPA-approved landfill for burial.
Please check out the following links to learn more about asbestos and the regulations associated with it.

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